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They say everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the planets align, and sometimes seemingly disparate elements can come together and form something far greater than the sum of its parts. A pair of random bookings and a chance phone call was all it took to bring the Les Masters Band--arguably the most entertaining live band in the region-- to the masses. A country singer, a rock band, an energetic and engaging live show, and a song list that virtually brings the party...ladies and gentlemen...the Les Masters Band.


Vocalist Les Masters hails from the same Eastern Kentucky holler that spawned Loretta Lynn, Dwight Yoakum, and Chris Stapleton. And like these luminaries, you can hear it in his voice. That powerful, authentic croon and endearing personality has already taken him far.  An accomplished songwriter, he has had his songs covered by several Nashville up-and-comers. In a live setting, his dynamic and engaging presence ensures that everyone feels like part of the show.



On guitar, we have Clint "Snake Eyes" Telecaster Tally. He hails from Las Vegas Nevada.  Brought up on music from Led Zeppelin and Rush to Kiss and the British metal invasion to the hair bands of the 80s and the grunge of the 90s, he found his love in country music.  He's been playing guitar for most of his life.  He endorses Fender guitars and amps, Line 6 products, Ernie Ball strings. He sites Chet Atkins, John Pertucci, Brent Mason, Jimmy Page among others as his heros.


 Bassist Chris Eger. Between his playing and his stage presence, he will MAKE you move...then move right with you! The Tupelo Mississippi born Eger brings low end virtuosity, a strong third lead vocal,  as well as providing enough onstage energy to power a trailer park.



Justin Munsey, our sixth member, calls Louisville Kentucky home.  He has been a musician for most of his life, and started playing guitar at the age of 7.  He is also a multi instrumentalist as well as being our sound engineer.  He has worked tirelessly with many artists, both on a national level as well as the local scene.  

He is who makes the LMB sound the best at every event.


Born under a good sign - Drummie grew up in the swamps of South Florida. 


He went to college, but says he got a bachelor's degree in business, only to realize "I ain't no corporate suit dick". 


Played ska and surf-punk as a youngern. Most of his adult life, he's played Reggae, Punk and Blues. In 2020 he stretched out into to other genres and now he's finally arrived at country/southern rock. He spends as much time in nature as he can. Whether it's on the coast or in the mountains, that's where he belongs.


"I'm a father, so everything I do is for the kids. Even bong rips."



Kevin started out playing guitar and singing in church at the age of 7. At the age of 9 he was given the opportunity to play with Charlie Daniels and the Gatlin Brothers at the state fair in Harrington, DE. He's originally from Sussex County, Delaware and recently moved back to his home in KY.  Kevin has played with Al Rappa the original walking bassman of Haleys comets in Las Vegas, and several other bands along the way up and down the east coast. He ended up in Rineyville, KY. Kevin has played with several Louisvile bands. The Ancients USA band, The PGB band and various other groups as a fill in player.


Hailing from Lexington, KY, Tommy "Lazy" Shafer is a sound engineer and cinematographer who has dedicated his career to the back end of the live music scene. He found his passion for Music Technology and Digital Media and pursued a degree.


Lazy has a love of sound rooted in science, preferring to see how all of the pieces fit together as a whole, thus making the music come alive. You can regularly find him dancing or vibing to the music behind the sound board, running around with a camera, or figuring out the latest problem to arise.



The very best in country, southern rock, classic rock, and dance music, played by musicians that live to perform, with a high energy, interactive, and highly entertaining stage show.

Ladies and gentlemen...     The LES MASTERS BAND.

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